Rights and obligations

Data protection rights

  • Every person may contact an organisation directly to find out if he is listed or not by that organisation.
  • Every person may, on simple request addressed to the organisation in question, have free access to all the information concerning him in clear language (any codes must be explained) and obtain a copy against payment of a fee, fixed by the State, of 3 € for the public sector and 4,6 € for the private sector.
  • Every person may directly require from an organisation holding information about him that the data be corrected (if they are wrong), completed or clarified (if they are incomplete or equivocal), or erased (if this information could not legally be collected).
  • Every person may oppose that information about him is used for advertising purposes or for commercial purposes;

he may also oppose to information concerning him being disclosed to a third party for such purposes. The persons concerned should have the possibility of exercising their right to oppose the disclosure of their data to a third party at the moment the data is collected. The use of automatic calling machines or faxes for advertising purposes is prohibited unless the person has given his prior consent.

  • Every person may ask the CNIL to proceed with checks of the information concerning him

which may possibly be recorded in files concerning security of the State, defence, or public security (right of indirect access). The CNIL verifies the relevance, the accuracy and the updating of this information and can demand that it should be rectified or deleted…

  • Every person may contact the CNIL to receive assistance

in the exercise of his rights (particularly if his right of access has been denied).

Data controllers’ obligations

  • Notify the file and its characteristics to the CNIL, except when exempted by law or by the CNIL
  • Ensure that citizens are in a position to exercise their rights through
  • Ensure data security and confidentiality, to protect them from distortion
    or disclosure to unauthorised third parties
  • Accept on-site inspections by the CNIL, and reply to any request
    for information.

Visite Toulouse

The historic treasures of Toulouse:
The tourist attractions:





Leisure Near

Many leisure near await for you surroundings of Castle of Issus



Less than half an hour of the Castle of Issus



The Region

The Midi-Pyrénées region is always ready to welcome you for its historical and cultural heritage. During your stay, you can enjoy its centenary architecture, churches, museums, villages

Click Tourist Office to organize your excursions!

Historical heritage

 VISIT Toulouse (25 MIN)


Visit our region:

The Cité of Carcassonne. Click here!

Ville de Carcassonne

Toulouse-Lautrec Museum (Albi). Click here!

Museo TOULOUSE-LAUTREC - Albi (Francia) region Midi-Pyrénées Dep.del Tarn

Ingres Museum (Montauban). Click here!

Montauban - Musée Ingres et Pont Vieux






Aran’s Valley:


Leisure activities

DSCF0774The Castle of Issus is an ideal place for family holidays and many entertainments. On-the-spot feasible leisure activities. Leisure activities of closeness, within less than an hour.

In the castle’s park, you could to walk, relax or swim, play tennis or table tennis.

Board games will be available for long evenings in the lounges or on the terrace.

 In the park:
  • Pool of 12m / 6m
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Table football
  • Badminton
  • The orchard: picking seasonal fruits (cherries, plums, apples, figs, walnuts, tomatoes …)

 In the House:
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Play board games
  • Library
  • DVD, CD
 In the village:

The local summer festivities lead to been in the tradition of French villages.







Shape and Beauty

Enjoy your vacation to think about your shape and beauty!

Medical aesthetic plastic surgery as an outpatient, the Saint-Aubin Aesthetic Clinic offers quality benefits.

The Clinic -de-la -Vision offers laser eye surgery to see without glasses.

A few days of rest at Castle of Issus can help your convalescence.

Surgery and aesthetic medicine: Toulouse (Botox, hyaluronic acid …)

Refractive Surgery: Removing glasses Toulouse: specialized center for 25 years




You can go shopping in the village Nailloux marks or the promenades surrounding (Roques sur Garonne). It just takes you a few minutes’ drive. French fashion, big brands, the memories…

Toulouse also waits a little further with its many shops in the City Center, bars and animation.

 10 minutes, NAILLOUX:

 Le Village des Marques

15 min, ROQUES:

 The mall of the shopping center Leclerc

At 25 minutes, TOULOUSE:

The pedestrian city center to stroll by the shops